Do you sell over-the-counter products?


Yes we have a range of flea/tick/intestinal wormer, ear cleaners, shampoos, nail clippers, dental kits and few other items, but we do not stock or carry any pet foods or bulky items.

Do you sell over-the-counter products?2023-04-19T04:39:50+10:00

My pet needs blood / urine test, do you offer this service?


Yes absolutely, we take samples and submit them to QML Vetnostics laboratory. The results are usually available within 1-2 business days and we will email you a copy of the pathology results along with detailed summary of any issued found on the report.

My pet needs blood / urine test, do you offer this service?2023-07-03T01:23:48+10:00

Do you offer pet grooming service?


We don’t offer professional dog wash or grooming service as such, however if your long coated cat needs a lion clip under sedation or you have a dog that is extremely anxious about the nail trim and has to be done under sedation, please contact us for more info.

Do you offer pet grooming service?2023-07-03T01:25:09+10:00

Do you have a clinic we can visit you?


No we are a 100% mobile vet service and we do not have a clinic base. If your pet requires hospitalisation or surgery, please contact your local clinic.

Do you have a clinic we can visit you?2023-07-03T01:29:38+10:00
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