If you have a question that is not listed here or if you would like additional information, please contact us.

Do you sell over-the-counter products?2023-04-19T04:39:50+10:00

Yes we have a range of flea/tick/intestinal wormer, ear cleaners, shampoos, nail clippers, dental kits and few other items, but we do not stock or carry any pet foods or bulky items.

Do you look after birds, reptiles and large animals?2022-08-07T02:23:52+10:00

No we don’t offer services for large animals, birds, exotic pets, just dogs and cats.

Do you offer emergencies?2022-08-07T02:23:23+10:00

No we are not an emergency vet and we do not offer after hour services.

My pet needs blood / urine test, do you offer this service?2023-07-03T01:23:48+10:00

Yes absolutely, we take samples and submit them to QML Vetnostics laboratory. The results are usually available within 1-2 business days and we will email you a copy of the pathology results along with detailed summary of any issued found on the report.

Do you offer pet grooming service?2023-07-03T01:25:09+10:00

We don’t offer professional dog wash or grooming service as such, however if your long coated cat needs a lion clip under sedation or you have a dog that is extremely anxious about the nail trim and has to be done under sedation, please contact us for more info.

Can you access my pet’s health record from another vet?2022-08-07T02:22:30+10:00

Upon your consent and request, we can organise your previous vet to send us your pets health records electronically.

How do I schedule an appointment?2022-08-07T02:22:16+10:00

Please call us on 0448 751 354 or send us an email to [email protected] with all your contact details.

Do you offer desexing, dentals and other surgeries?2023-07-03T01:28:06+10:00

No for any procedures that require general anesthetic, we advise our clients to reach out to their local clinics.

Do you have a clinic we can visit you?2023-07-03T01:29:38+10:00

No we are a 100% mobile vet service and we do not have a clinic base. If your pet requires hospitalisation or surgery, please contact your local clinic.

Do you offer pet transport service?2022-08-07T02:21:21+10:00

No we don’t offer a pet taxi service.

I have Pet Insurance, how does this work?2022-08-07T02:20:44+10:00

Please have your claim form printed and ready, and an attending vet will fill in and sign the document for you. Alternatively, you can submit your claim online and when the Pet insurance company requests a copy of the invoice or history, we promptly email them the requested documents so it is efficient and you get to access your insurance benefits soon after your pet is seen.

How long is a standard consultation?2023-07-03T01:30:58+10:00

We allocate 30-60mins per visit (unlike the standard 15-20mins consult times most clinics allocate) so we are not rushed and we can take time to get to know your pet.

What ETA windows do you offer?2023-07-03T01:31:51+10:00

Generally we offer our clients either morning (9-12pm) or an afternoon (1-4pm) appointment window for the day. We do understand however that people have busy schedules so if you have plans such as needing to pick up your kids in the afternoon, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to work around your day.

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